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Salute Gorkha is a Unique Gurkha Army Training Centered  in Pokhara, with its branches across all   over Nepal. Join British Army, Singapore Police, Indian Army.

Salute Gorkha Training Center Pvt. Ltd. (SGTC) is the leading and pioneering Pre-Army recruitment [British Army, Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF), Indian Army], and also offers Gurkha Security training, Personality Development and Youth Skill Training. We aim at producing capable, skilled energetic, sensible and loyal manpower through physical and educational trainings. Management and official responsibilities are taken up by the key persons of the company. The company wants to create equal opportunities to all the people of the country regardless of social, economic, cultural and religion backgrounds. Furthermore, we assure that the training center will not fail to meet the demand of youths in shaping their future career in the competitive global market.

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